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Pastoral Council:

It is important that a pastor has good advisors. The Pastoral Council is a group of twelve people that acts as an advisory and consultative body to the pastor and is directly responsible to him. They give the pastor special insight to the needs of the parish and take part in forming a vision for the parishes future.

Finance Council:
The St Louis Parish Finance Council consists of seven or more voting members, appointed by the Pastor, whose purpose is to “enable the Christian Faithful to assist the Pastor in the administration of the goods of the parish." The members are chosen by the Pastor, who takes into consideration the talents and skills of the people in the parish who, in part, demonstrate financial/business management skills.  As such, it is consultative and advisory to the Pastor.  The members serve terms of not less than one year and not more than three years.  The Council assists the Pastor in implementing sound internal control practices and any diocesan financial policies, procedures, and guidelines applicable to the business affairs of the parish.   The Council is required to meet at least six times per year.

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Saint Louis Catholic Church - Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee